In case of Covid-19, it is essential that all internal and external surfaces of the helmet are sanitized.

Sanitizing the Motorcycle Helmet

The helmet is always disassembled to sanitize all the elements one by one: the internal padding, the visor, the membrane and the cheek pads.

Motorcycle Helmet Cleaning
A steam wash is carried out and an ozone sanitizer is used.
Naturally the balaclava is single use
The visor is normally cleaned with water and non-aggressive soap in order not to damage the material.

In addition to the helmet, the following are sanitized:

  • The Scooter / Motorcycle
  • The knobs
  • The clutch and brake levers
  • The saddle and any bags supplied
  • The top case internally and externally
  • Helmet housing
  • All knobs and / or handles for the passenger